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Anyone accepted to UBC engineering yet?

A photo of Flooks Flooks
Ahhhh why is the engineering faculty so slow at decisions... alot of other programs have given acceptances already, HURRY UP >.<

has anyone got accepted/declined/heard updates?

/end rant <_>
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A photo of Hug Hug
Are u a BC student? because I already got accepted from UBC engineering on the April 20th.
I think the cutoff for this year is around 89% because one of my friend who got 88.50% didnt get in and the other one who got 89.75% got in.
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A photo of Apeng Apeng
I am a BC student and I got in on April 20th.
:cheers: :cheers:
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A photo of Flooks Flooks
ahh dam u BC students >.<, i have a 83 average, so maybe they're just taking their time looking at my supplemental, hopefully they'll decide by the end of this week *fingers crossed*

but the thing is, my friend last year came from the same city as me, and he got in with a 81% with a okay supplemental in march! Plus, he was in partial AP program, and im in partial IB (IB>AP), so maybe my IB rep will bring me up a little? I mean i doubt the average between last year and this year is ganna change that much, id say maximum of 2% for the cutoff.

and yeah there was an article explaining why Alberta students got an extra 2% entrance average when applying to UBC and blah blah..
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A photo of VegaKrazmych VegaKrazmych
It's the graduate exams.
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A photo of Flooks Flooks
vega:yeah the diplomas are harsh...

yup, my other friend just got in with 84 and he goes to my school

im just worried about my english, i submitted with a 62 in english, other than that, every other mark is low 90s or high 80s
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A photo of christinee123 christinee123
your friend got in to UBC ENGINEERING?? with 84% average?

I still haven't gotten mine.. the status says that they're reviewing my supplemental applications.. so I'm not sure.. I'm from Alberta..
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A photo of Flooks Flooks
yup... he said his supplemental was okay, he got in actually april 2nd because he sent in his marks BEFORE the spring interim report card. I was pretty sure they said on ssc that it had to the be the spring interim report card, but idk maybe earlier is better?

also i know a friend who got in last year with a 81, and he sent in his term 1 marks, he was admitted in freaking feb...

gawd why is our decisions so late?
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