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Anyone applying to Game development/Computer Security

A photo of raptors12 raptors12
Well just checking if anyone has applied to game development or computer security/networking/it. I know 2 unis that are offering standalone programs for game development under computer science; which are UOIT and Carleton. So just wondering if any fellow forumers have applied to any of these and what they are using for their top 6.

For me I at first wanted to apply for engineering but me not liking science I gave up on that; and since I am interested in gaming have decided to apply for game development/IT.

For my top 6 I am using:
-Adv Functions
-Data Management
-World Issues/History
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A photo of RobertHogg RobertHogg
McMaster has a Software Engineering (Game Design) B. Eng. program program, and Algoma has a Computer Games specialization in their computer science program. It's worth noting though that UOIT's games program isn't actually a computer science program - it's called "Game Development and Entrepeneurship" and it is a supposedly a very business-y program.

I applied to Carleton and McMaster's games programs and got early acceptance about 4 or 5 days after I submitted my application.

Top 6:

Science (M-level)
Adv. Functions
Data Management
Phsyics or Chemistry, whichever I do better in.
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