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Anyone commuting to UTSG?

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Any UofT St. George commuters? I'm sorta depressed about not living on campus. :( Can people tell me the benefits of commuting? Also, by what means are you getting there (bus, subway)?
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Sorry for being a downer, but I can't think of any significant benefits to commuting. Most people justify commuting by pointing to the costs they'll be saving, but the funny thing about that is that the government of Ontario actually gives students free money--in grants and bursaries--for living on campus, if they qualify for OSAP and can prove that they live far away enough to warrant living away from home. Assuming your commute is fairly long--over an hour, let's say--you'll probably save only about a year's worth of tuition* by commuting for four years.

[size=3]*Figures based on several of my friends' commuting costs and OSAP funding from a few years ago. [/size]
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