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A photo of FB147 FB147
I think i know what i want to be, a lawyer. But what if i dont make it? There is so much pressure from family on me being a a lawyer and i dont want to disappoint them. I love to write, i can do it all day. Maybe a journalist? But i already applied to social sciences to the universities i applied too. CONFUSED.
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A photo of andrewk512 andrewk512
More like is there anyone not confused?
And you don't need to know what you want to do right away, because chances are, if you think you do, it'll probably change later on anyhow. Just pick a subject you love and follow it. Eventually you'll find what you want.
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A photo of FB147 FB147
LOL yeah i know. Except i dont want to make a decision on what i want to do when its too late...This is so hard and stressful
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A photo of Zion Zion
Just about everyone is in the same boat. Go to a university that offers all/most of the programs you're interested in, and sample them by taking intro courses for each in your first year. Then, by considering both your level of interest and the career prospects, you can make an informed decision. Most people change majors and careers multiple times though, so don't be surprised if you have to adapt.
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A photo of jennyroy jennyroy
I think everyone is in the same boat.
There's way too many options out there, but not enough time to go through them all and actually decide what you want its very difficult. And then there's added pressure because it feels like in grade 12, the key word of my life is university or next year. Wherever you go someone asks about it, and its like i dont know!! It sucks, but I'm sure well all figure it out and be happy next year with whatever we choose.
Good luck!
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A photo of zohra.zaidan zohra.zaidan
You should make a list for what classes you like the most, and pick a program that offers most of them. To be lawyer, you don't need to take social sciences; you can take any program you want, and still get into law school, as long as you do community involvement, and do good in school. So for now, pick something you will enjoy, and go with the flow, because in the end, what's going to matter is not what your parents, or family wants for you, but what you want for yourself :)
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A photo of g93 g93
I am not confused at all.
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A photo of jessicacadieux jessicacadieux
id love working with animals all my life... but i hate the sciences i need to get there!
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A photo of Harby Harby
A good friend once told me that it's not about figuring out your whole life in a day. It's about taking it one day at a time and doing what needs to be done. At the end of the day, you'll make progress.
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A photo of junerosey junerosey
I am sooo confused as well =/ every time i think i've made up my mind something always happens and then i end up where i started again
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
I changed my mind on what I want to be like a million times. Let's see, I wanted to be a vet, scientist, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, civil engineer, architect, industrial designer, human resource management, marketing specialist, sales representative, entrepreneur and I think there's still a few more.

At the moment, I've "decided" to study Agricultural Business Management when I go to university. Or maybe not, I'm not sure.
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A photo of kat1321 kat1321
When i first went to highschool, i didn't know that in two years i had to know what i wanted to do with the rest of my life. I also needed to complete the classes i need. But after a while i finally found out what i would like to do, so a little bit of stress was taken off.
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A photo of Rourachnitchai Rourachnitchai
I'm currently throwing around about three careers: law, psychology or teaching. We'll see what happens by the end of first year.
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A photo of kathleenMARIE kathleenMARIE
It's a hard decision, but a lot of universities will let you switch majors
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A photo of Newki Newki
Right now i want to be ether an architect or a dietition. I Don't know
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