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Anyone do Sports in University?

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I will be attending university this fall for my 1st year undergrad. I do cross country as well as track and fields in high school and I am interested in joining those in University as well.

I spend a lot of time for track especially. Up to 3 hours a day, usually afterschool. So I'm just curious how I can possibly manage my homework and all during 1st year university if I plan to do Track?

Does anyone else do sports in university?
-How do you manage your time and homework?
-How much time do you spend for your sport? approx.
-Do you suggest doing sports in my 1st year or should I wait till 2nd year so that I'm more accustomed to university life?

Im only in high school and I already spend up to 3 hours sometimes more on track training per day. I just can't comprehend how I could possibly manage university while doing University Track, which I assume is a even tougher demand. By the way, I've scheduled a full course load for 1st year already. So 5 classes in fall and winter. I'm in the faculty of science and I plan to apply for Business for 2nd year.

Thanks a lot

ETA: one more thing, even if I don't join the University track team, I still plan to train on my own or join a track club. I'm very passionate about track so I will never give up on it.
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