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Anyone else accepted into UW yet?

A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
I received my offer of admission to UWaterloo for the Honours Mathematics program last week on Dec 22. Has anyone else got one this early yet? I applied at the end of October and sent in my transcript as requested around mid-November. I'm from BC and my average is just slightly below 95%. I've also already been offered the $2000 President's Scholarship.

Also, does anybody know what my chances are for receiving a Faculty of Mathematics entrance scholarship?
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A photo of broilking broilking
wow congratz on such an early admission
i havent even applied yet:P
anyways i doubt too many others have already been accepted, i guess it's cuz u hav higher than average marks
ya you have a chance at getting one, but it really matters how you do on the euclid, as those marks are considered alot
so do well on it, and try to boost your mark to 95%+ so you can get the presidents scholarship of distinction
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A photo of blackjack blackjack
Good job! I applied for Math/CA so I think they have to read my AIF before they make any decisions (which they didnt' even put up on their site yet >.> )

Anyways is anyone applying for the National Math Scholarship?
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A photo of broilking broilking
ya i was thinking of applying for the national scholarships
its weird though when i click on the admission form for the scholarship it reports a broken link called "403 Forbidden"
so...i dont know how to apply
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
I think getting such an early acceptance was largely because I'm from BC and not Ontario, and I think Ontario students have to wait for the regular admission time. Unfortunately I'm doubtful that I will be able to push up to about 95% because I have already completed or have almost completed all of the courses that are used in the calculation, and as far as I'm aware none of them can be replaced by another mark from my second semester.

Also, this was a conditional admission, and to ease your minds, I only need to keep a minimum final admission average of 80%. I think this might be slightly lower than was the cutoff for everyone else will be seeing as it appears as a very rounded figure, but regardless it's fairly low.

I'm not applying for national scholarships, but I will definitely be writing Euclid in hopes of at least getting something.

The link is broken because the Math Faculty has updated their site as well as the link, and that scholarship page hasn't been updated, but I managed to find the page you're trying to access:
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A photo of immaculatedx immaculatedx
Congrats Nellery.
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A photo of jenniiveeve jenniiveeve
Hey Congrats!
I got accepted too, Comp. Sci. Bioinformatics. :D
However, I'm waiting for acceptances to their other programs.
I also applied to their engineering courses, but I won't find out about acceptance until after I complete my AIF.

I was wondering how I got such an early acceptance though. They only have access to my grade 11 marks, and I'm not sure if they're way above average or anything. What was your average?
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