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Anyone else screw up some of their first year courses?

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So, I've had a rough second semester for my first year of uni. I used to be top of my classes in high school, but started to see a couple marks in the 60s and even one in the late 50s. I blamed it completely on myself and my study habits, which have significantly improved since then. I did not adapt to the workload and pressure at uni very well and since the material was mostly new second semester compared to first, i got hit with the consequences bigtime. I guess i lost my study habits since high school, but I'm now getting them back. Anyone else have similar stories?
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A photo of inthemaking inthemaking
I could have done better in 1st year, I didn't do bad but I didn't do as well as I could have. Didn't try as hard as I normally do, I guess. I screwed up 2nd year organic chemistry though. I stupidly overloaded that semester and took 6 (science) courses, which meant that I didn't have sufficient time to study for everything and I didn't know how to handle it. So I kind of just decided that I would give up on orgo and my orgo mark clearly reflects that.

Moral of the story: don't overload, and if you do, don't do it with all sciences.
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I put a half-ass effort into first year, but am still doing very well due to all the review from first semester (the majority of my classes are year-long). Of course, I'm in math and am naturally talented in it so I didn't have to write any essays or anything (which are what bring people's marks down generally from my experience).
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A photo of Gorges26 Gorges26
It happens to everyone.

Second semester of first year is usually harder for science kids, since you venture into new/harder territory with things like calc.

To be honest, my work habits in first year were a lot better than they are now (finishing up 2nd year). I've been way too lazy this year and I've sort of paid the price for it in not-so-great marks. lol
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Yeah, I actually got 23 % on my second calc midterm. Normally, i am very good at math (i got 91 first semester, and i did decently on second semester first midterm). I was pretty devestated, and it took me a while to get over it. I know i am very capable of all my courses if i really work, though. I've cranked up my study habits a lot actually. In fact, next year, i'm switching from science to engineering. if i started off in eng, im pretty sure things would have been way worse for me. now that I'm approaching my studies with a new attitude, i really think i can handle it. I've done pretty much everything i can to turn things around. Any other suggestions, and should i be okay for next year?
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A photo of aimango aimango
i did well in first term, but i screwed up on midterms this term. i failed 1 (but the avg was 57 so i guess i feel less bad about it) and for another i got a 60s simply because of a bad interpretation of a question. really pressuring me for finals which is coming up - hope i bring it up lol.

yeah my study habits really changed this term, i have less motivation since my profs suck this term. also, im taking more challenging courses this term.
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A photo of TheSixxthRamone TheSixxthRamone
yeah I'm only getting a 71% average my first year, not at all what I'm used to and I failed a course.. however, a 3 hour daily commute and working 30 hours a week was definitely a factor, and so I dropped the jobs after the first semester. Part of it is getting used to the idea that 2 tests and a small percentage for homework make up a whole semesters worth of marks.
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First year was an adjustment period for me. I was figuring out a new city, a new school and a new life. The cards are stacked against first years. Just figure out what works and use improved techniques in year 2.
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A photo of asyeda asyeda
Don't sweat it; as many mentioned, first year is a transition period and it is relatively common for those in demanding programs to fail many of their courses. University is very different than high school - I noticed that the material itself was not challenging, but the level of commitment and focus needed in order to succeed. I recommend reading "Study Smarter, Not Harder" by Kevin Paul - it has great tips on how to improve lecture note taking, retaining memory, preparing for exams, etc. Another thing I found very useful in my first year was taking time management and effective studying workshops. These are usually provided by the counsellor or career's office and I really recommend looking into them. Best of luck! :)
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^ Make some serious adjustments or you're gonna find yourself in the exact same position again :bounce:
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