yconic - Anyone hear about a percentage acceptance hike?
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Anyone hear about a percentage acceptance hike?

A photo of angelsilver angelsilver
I don't know if this is true or not but I've heard from a friend that all of the universities are hiking up the acceptance percentages?

I'm kind of worried because I have an 86% and I'm waiting on McMaster and UTSG and if they raised the acceptance averages then... I'm screwed. D:

So I was wondering if anyone else has heard of this situation or if anyone's in the same situation as me and has or hasn't been accepted to certain schools?
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A photo of particle particle
I've heard of something similar for mac, since they didn't expect so many people to apply and actually accept their offers. And the first-year residence guarantee is limited to how much room they actually have, so to cut some people back they'd naturally look at marks.

Don't mean to scare you or anything, that's just what I've heard. It's probably not too drastic, 86% is a great average.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
I don't know about mac, but UTSG isn't for sure...i just got in today with an 85. i'm sure you'll get in soon.
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A photo of Bluesharpies Bluesharpies
I haven't heard of any percentage hikes worth mentioning - remember that they are bound to change from year to year depending on the number of applicants and their marks.

An 86 should still be fairly competitive for both Mac and UTSG.
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A photo of bioboy bioboy
Just got my rejection letter from McMaster Life Science. I had a 86.3% average, letter says the cutoff was 88.
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A photo of angelsilver angelsilver
LOL I got my rejection from McMaster (88%?! damn kids in our grade must be really smart or 'smart) yesterday and my UTSG acceptance today (possibly yesterday but I didn't really check OUAC). Good thing too otherwise I'd be depressed - even with an acceptance to UTSG.

Sighh McMaster... +3%... Really?
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