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Anyone in UBC Okanagan's Management Faculty?

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I'm thinking about going there but I heard that Management degree is pretty unknown and useless, is that true? I have to admit too that I've never heard of a Management degree, I've heard of BA and Commerce though.

If you're in the management faculty, how is it like? Would you recommend it? Also, does anyone know how difficult it is to transfer faculties, because I might want to transfer to Science in okanagan if I don't really enjoy the Management program.

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Hi ,

I'm currently in the UBCO campus , and I most of my friends are in the Management faculty. Basically, I know that they do ride on the reputation that they have this joint alliance with sauder's school of business. However, most people in that programme who I know are trying to transfer to Sauders. Put it in a nutshell, poeple come here because they think its easier to transfer to sauders. I know that the requirements for this degree is relatively general, so you can take almost anything to fill up the electives, from fine arts to engineering. Your choice. So you can take science programmes as your electives if your interested in transfering.

Admission criteria i relatively easy to get into for this campus, with the exeption of nursing

Course-wise, well, its very general, and I know they are not the same as the one in Vancouver.
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