yconic - anyone taking gr 12 correspondance courses? please help!
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anyone taking gr 12 correspondance courses? please help!

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hey if anyone can help me with this i will love you foreever!
k so i need to know if (as a grade 12 student who's graduating june 30th) you can work on correspondance(online) courses into the summer and still not have your offer revoked from a university?

because i've been conditionally accepted into uwo, but i need to keep an average of 82 and then send in my final marks.. but im still panicking to get a couple of my pre-reqs done online. If i don't get them finished on time i know they will take back the acceptance,but when us "on time" ? will they care if i work on them into july and then send in my marks in august? or do all pre-reqs for a uni program have to be complete by grad? if anyone has experience with this please let me know! i called admissions and the lady was like "well i belieeeve you can but im not too sure.." so im still looking for a definate answer, and its gettin down to crunch time so im panicking bigg time!
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I am not 100% certain of this, but I have applied to an affiliate university of Western (Huron) and according to their terms you maybe fine. However they state that they would have to reassess you after the summer or correspondence course is complete. That said, Western may be different in its approach to this scenario than Huron as it is only an affiliate, I know that other universities like U of T, and Queen's will not permit you to submit a summer correspondence course in replacement. My advice is to phone them and ask your hypothetical it won't hurt and will give you a solid answer.

In the mean time, focus on your online courses! There is only a small amount of time left, stop wasting time on forums worrying about what if scenarios. It will be a lot better if you can get a summer job versus doing correspondence over the summer anyway -- not to mention much more enjoyable! Good luck. :)

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