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Anyone taking Media Theory & Production at UWO?

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I just accepted my offer of admission into that program and I was just wondering if any of you guys are currently in the program and if you could give any tips for a freshman. I would just like to hear a first-hand account of how the courses are (workload, how they are structured, etc...). I'm thinking of either branching off into the Multimedia Design or Television stream in my second year. Anyone know how competitive it is to get into those streams?
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A photo of McDalek McDalek
I was looking for a board about this, glad it's here, even if you'd already PM'd me haha.

I'm going into Media Theory & Production (: I really want to go into Television at this point.. I love television so much. But if my mind is somehow changed by the other options, then.. that'll happen, I guess.

I would really like to hear about the courses/workload/profs/etc. though, that'd be great! Someone pleeease!
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A photo of MITUWO14 MITUWO14
Hey guys!

I just finished my first year in MIT at UWO... I know thats not MTP but basically we all take the same classes first year, with the exception that you will be taking a writing course as well. I also lived on the MIT floor so I knew, and lived, with a lot of people that were enrolled in MTP and absolutely loved it.

As for course load.. (at least for the three that we both take) you're going to be taking classes 1200, 1500, and 1700.

1200 is Media in Society ... I had a new prof for this class so it was alright, the course material itself is really interesting. Not a lot of work, just weekly responses due in your tutorial which take no time at all

1500 is widely known as the BEST mit course out there... and thats mainly to do with the prof. You'll be in class with John Reed who is hands down the coolest guy you'll ever meet. His lectures are unreal and so entertaining. This is the best class you'll take first year - I guarentee it. The workload is much like 1200... read and article or two weekly, and write a response on it. Whats cool about John is that he lets you write about basically whatever you want to write about. He's really open minded with that kind of stuff so its hard not to do well. and his exams are open book...! :)

1700 is pretty dry, most people think its the worst of the three. I had an alright prof so it wasn't too bad. Its the "information" section of the three so its not AS interesting. But again, the exams are open book for this course too. Your course load won't be heavy for this class at all, we didn't even do weekly responses.

Unfortunately for MIT and MTP students its extremely competitive to get into second year. (MTP even more competitive) I believe it is 40 students who get accepted into MTP second year (ten for each stream)... The good thing is that you can always switch to MIT if you want... Which gives you a little bit more room for acceptance. Either way, you have to maintain a certain average to even be considered. One thing about the program as i'm sure you've read is that all marks are bellecurved for an average of 68-72. What this means is you're most likely not going to get a mark above a 72-75 all year, unless you're at the very top of your class. It kinda sucks, but it gives you something to work for.

If you have any other questions, let me know! Like I said, I lived on the MIT floor so I know a lot about the program. One thing I know for sure is that YOU WILL LOVE IT. The media program at UWO is the best decision I ever made!

Good luck!
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A photo of Breggo13 Breggo13
Hey everyone!

I am a student who's entering into grade 11. I have been thinking alot about where to go (as in to which university) and I wanted to learn a bit more about the Media (MIT and MTP) at Western. I read the posts and I'm really happy I found you guys! I just had a few questions....

1) You mentioned that the MIT/MTP is very competitive when entering second year. The MTP accepts roughly 40-50 students, the MIT a bit more. Just out of curiosity, what do most students do if they don't get into the second year programs?

2) When you apply, how hard is it to initially get into the program? Are there some things that people had that helped them or are there any requirements? Did you find any cources in High School that helped you in your first year?

Um, I think that's it. Thanks in advance :)
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