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A photo of AKGill AKGill

Any chance of getting accepted at Mac for Social Sciences if I have an average of 77-79% ?

Thanks for any replies in advance. :)
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A photo of pauldzioba pauldzioba
I got accepted on Monday, March 12 for Intro to Psych, Neuroscience and Behaviour. My average for last semester somewhere between 80 - 83%. My marks were 80, 81 and in English I had an 87. I would imagine you have a good change of getting in seeing as you're in the high 70s.

Good luck!
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A photo of Dope Dope
Got in Monday with a 77.8% top 6 average, don't sweat it.
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A photo of Kozy Kozy
Don't worry, i'm fairly sure you will get in. I got accepted on Tuesday for Humanities and Social sciences. My average right now is at a low 80, but that's only including my second semester marks which aren't visible on osap yet. My first semester was the harder of the two, and my marks put me at a 77%. The offer is probably conditional that I keep that, but i've only gotten an acceptance through email, nothing in the mail yet. But yeah, you should be good dude just try your best to hit a 79%/80% and you'll be fine.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
You'll definitely get in, they have over or nearly 1000 first-year spots for that program. I was admitted with early acceptance back in January with a final average of 76-77%.
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