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Apparently Psychology is a "useless" major......

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You want to become a glorified babysitter?
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You want to become a glorified babysitter?
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Are you seriously surprised?

People who don't intend on becoming Psychologists or working in the field as a mental health professional shouldn't pursue degree's in Psychology. The only reason why it's considered useless is because it's a degree meant to prepare a student for graduate training in Psychology. To be a Psychologist you require a PhD and in most cases Clinical Hospital training, it's not like just anyone can be a Psychologist.

This is relatively true for a lot of undergraduate degree's though, if you aren't going to use your undergrad degree in majors such as Biology, Chemistry, or Psychology to pursue graduate studies or professional schooling then you'll most likely end up working in Star Bucks. Research Technicians are usually people from College Biotechnology Technologist programs anyways so they fill those positions.

Do you think I would pursue a degree in Psychology without the intentions of Graduate schooling? Never! If I wanted employ-ability right out of University then I'd go into something else.

Plus I do realize how competitive it is to get into graduate school for Psychology, so I have a Plan B, a Plan C, and then I have McDonald's LOL :P

So I suggest, if you want to be a teacher to go into some Concurrent degree program instead.

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