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Appealing an admission decision?

A photo of kmorgan kmorgan
Hi, my current average is 86.7 and i applied to the laurier honours buisness administration, but was bumped down to the economics program. The lady on the phone said i needed an 87 average so i was off by .3!!!! Is it possible to appeal this decision or convince them to change their mind? I really want to enter their buisness program not economics. I have a friend who got in for laurier buisness pre acceptence and his average is now only 85.2 but he got in:( what can i do to get in? Has it been done before and is it possible? I know my teachers would each bump me up 1 percent to get into laurier buisness. Please help!

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Call them and ask to be reconsidered. Tell them that you will have your average up my the end of the year and if not you will go to summer school. It has (supposedly) been done before.

Good luck.
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A photo of thecookiemonster thecookiemonster
ah man that sucks, do what he said ^
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