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Appealing OSAP!

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I just applied for OSAP and my estimated amount is a lot less then I need. Both my parents are in a "high-income bracket", but are not contributing a penny to my education. Because they make so much, I am unable to recieve the amount I deserve. How should I go about appealing this amount, and do I even have a chance of appealing it at all?
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The only appeal you can make is to legally emancipate yourself from your parents. OSAP is not supposed to cover everything; they should be covering part of it with the rest being covered by yourself and your parents. If your parents aren't contributing anything that's too bad, but you can't appeal it. The same happened to me, with my parents not contributing anything, and I made due by working 3 jobs while in university and 2 jobs while in high school.

Start saving up.
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A photo of Damo Damo
sadly osap states that they expect your parents to contribute a certain amount.
the only case i know of where they dont apply that rule is when your parents have zero income.

however i do recomend that you speak with EVERYONE and try EVERYTHING. speak with admissions, college registrar, parents (if possible and at least try to somethin new might come up in the conversation, etc.

appeal osap! send in a letter explaining things or show a statement from your parents saying they wont pay anything or something. do it anyway and see what happens. ask the admissions office about osap appeal and see what they have to say.

Colleges sometimes have assistance for students that end up in such situations and it is not related to osap. speak with them and see what they can come up with. explain your situation and end it with: I dont know what to do!

also there are work-study positions for students. your college can tell you more about that as well.

anyway, just speak with everyone as i said. and also try to get summer work just in case. dont sit and wait for the disaster to finaly happen. be atleast partially prepared for anything.

good luck
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