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Apply now or later!?

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I'm in a bit of a predicament. I know I should have been planning for school earlier, but it is what it is. I'm applying to a Pastry Arts course next year, and it requires a resume with your experience pertaining to the class, of which I currently have very little. So I've been running around wildly trying to think of things to do to put on my resume before the application deadline (end of February).

The good news is, I'm starting a co-op at school, so I'll have experience working in a local bakery, and I can start right away so I'll have a few months under my belt by February. Also, I'm taking my food handlers course at the beginning of January. I was in a pretty good mood that I at least found something to help my chances of being accepted!

Then the school I'm applying to replied to my email about admissions, and said that the February date is correct, but they are doing the first wave of reviews/acceptances at the beginning of December this year! I'm wondering if after this December date the class will be full and I will be screwed, or if I can still wait until January to apply and have a chance. If anyone knows how this usually works, any help would be appreciated!

I just want some opinions on whether I should apply now, with basically nothing, or if I should risk the wait and wait until January when I have some experience and courses, with a better chance of getting in. It is a small college so I really have no idea how competitive it is, but the pastry course at another local school is already full because they do first-come first-serve so I don't want this one to fill up early too.

Sorry for the wall of text. If you got this far, thanks for reading!
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Universities/Colleges usually do a few waves of acceptances. The first wave is early acceptance, and no the spots shouldn't "fill up" as that obviously is not fair to other applicants, especially if the deadline is in February. I would think it would be smarter to apply with the experience. Where are you applying?
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