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Applying for a second teachable

A photo of Madamoiselle Madamoiselle
I am aware that, to teach highschool, it is required that you have two teachables. How do you apply for the second teachable?

ie. Would you apply for the first teaching progam separately from the second? Would you apply for the first teaching program and then book a required number of classes in the second? Neither?
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A photo of Ba Ba Blue Ba Ba Blue
You'll end up using your electives to get a second teachable. Just apply to the first teachable.
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A photo of Brucester Brucester
I really wish my school talked more about my second teachable I know i want it to be french but i don't know which french corses to take and I don't want to take courses that aren't going to help me in the future.
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A photo of Mariadelmar Mariadelmar
Usually you need to have 18/20 upper level credits of a teachable subject to be able to teach that subject in high school.
Do the math: 18/20 upper level credits (3xx and 4xx levels)for one suject, what do you need for two?

Elective or obligatory, it doesn't matter. All college of teachers end up looking at the number of upper level credits in a specific subject (or more).

You can take them in the same program ( BA or BGS) it doesn't matter as long as they are teachable subjects (French, Math, Social Sciences-Hist. Posc. or Sociology-, PE (Kinesiology), Biology...).

Hope this helps,:cheers:
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A photo of oxokatieoxo oxokatieoxo
Not sure if it is the same with every school or not, but I know here that your minor and major are your teachables, so you already have 2 teachables automatically... and you can get 3 if your really motivated! -The more you get, the better chances you'll have of getting into the school you want, or the job you want!
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A photo of Ba Ba Blue Ba Ba Blue
According to the Ontario College of Teachers, you need 5 full year courses equivalents in your first teachable subject, 3 in your second, and 2 in any subsequent teachable subjects you want to acquire. The exception to this rule is that you need 4 full year equivalent French courses to have it as a teachable, because it's important that you know how to speak French if you're going to teach it.

Often certain schools (I know Queen's and Queen's-Trent do this) restrict which courses you should be taking if you're in a concurrent program. By doing this, they're aiming to get teachers who know a lot about all areas of their teachable subject. If you're not doing concurrent, you won't need to worry about this and the guidelines in the paragraph above will be enough.

I'm personally getting certified in the primary/junior division then taking ABQ (additional basic qualifications) courses after I graduate to be certified to teach K-12. This means that I can also forgo the specific course requirements and instead look at the total number of courses. It's also an option if you don't want to be restricted as much.
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