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applying for computer science

A photo of TheCatherine TheCatherine
im planning to study computer science next september and i want to apply for early acceptance.
im an IB student and my average is around 90%...
what 3 best universities in ontario should i apply to?
thanks. :)
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A photo of immaculatedx immaculatedx
Waterloo and UofT.
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A photo of NicholeHudson NicholeHudson
Computer science permits graduates to adapt to new technologies and ideas. Through this course they come to know about designing and building software, developing effective ways to solve computing problems and devising new and better ways of using computers and addressing particular challenges in areas such as robotics, computer vision, or digital forensics. Computer science has wide scopes. The following site http://www.cs.umass.edu/admissions/career-options
has complete information about the computer science career.
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A photo of ninetyfour ninetyfour
Hey, are you taking HL math by any chance? I hear that's a recommendation for a lot of engineering/comp sci programs. I'm taking it at the SL level, so I hope it doesn't have a big weight or anything.

As for universities, I'd say Waterloo and U of T as well.
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A photo of WaterfallOfDestiny WaterfallOfDestiny
I agree with the suggestions for Waterloo and U of T. You could also consider placing a second one to either university, e.g. U of T St George (for the Professional Experience Year) and Scarborough campuses (for the co-op).
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A photo of greygoose greygoose
I'd say Waterloo, McGill (Quebec), and U of T. I'm not crazy about U of T, but it would be good to apply :P
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A photo of rightsaidfred rightsaidfred
Brock, Laurier, and Guelph.
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A photo of ChristaJones ChristaJones
Career in IT is nowadays considered one of the most high-paying jobs and full of opportunities. Particularly because world has become dependent on information technology industry. The talented computer engineers working in IT companies can actually reach to higher levels. But that is possible only when you have an interest towards computer and technology.
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