yconic - applying for university - need help! (are my marks good enough, etc)
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applying for university - need help! (are my marks good enough, etc)

A photo of Noor Noor
hi, i am currently in grade 11 of my high school years
before i ask my question i would just like to mention that i am very new to this (getting ready to apply for uni) and still very undecided
i've had pretty much all A's in my 2 previous years of high school
these are my current marks in grade 11

English - 85%
Math(MCR3U1) - 95%
Physics - 88%
Chemistry - 80%
Economics(g.12 uni course) - 94%
Computer Programming (ICS3U1) - 82%
Accounting - 90%
French - 60% (horrible i know, shouldn't have took it) EDIT: this is the gr.12 course, i took gr.11 last yr, will having a bad mark for gr.12 be a problem?

extra curricular: very limited (math club, journalism club, archery club)
volunteer hours: 40

so im planning on applying to u of t, or waterloo next year, because these two are closest from my home, and i don't want to go to residence
i am interested in applying for:
-engineering science (so i could do aerospace engineering in my postgrad yrs)
-civil engineering
-physics (theoretical maybe)
-business (maybe BBA?)

so my main concerns are whether or not my marks good enough to be accepted into the two prev mentioned unis. my first choice would be a tie between engineering science and theoretical physics, however i hear that both of these are highly competitive and very difficult. also what are the job opp for these 2 fields?

so in essence what i am asking is if my marks are good enough, which university would be good for which subject?

thanks alot in advance everyone :)
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A photo of LawBound LawBound
Noor, you apply to university in grade 12 - not grade 11.

Just make sure to drop French (if you feel that you cannot do better than a 60%) next year. Also, universities only look at your top 6 marks (including prerequisites).

Best of luck!
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
They will look at your FINAL grade 11 marks next year if you want to apply for early admission, most do anyways..
so if it's the second semester for you, keep working hard and if you can raise your average to around 90%, you should be good to go!
And do keep in mind, like LawBound said, that universities in Ontario only look at your top SIX courses, so your French mark won't make much of a different..
but do drop it, French 12 is not any easier than French 11, there's just more and moreee grammar piled on top.
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A photo of futuredoc futuredoc
The earlier posts have basically answered your question, but I recommend going on the websites for those universities and checking out the admission info for the programs you're interested in.
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A photo of MelRadford MelRadford
I'm with FutureDoc. When you apply, most Universities will show what typical admission averages should be above, so you'll know how competitive it actually is by that.

Plus, you have some good EC activities and some really good marks, so you come off as a good all round student. I have good academic marks but absolutely no EC due to health reasons, and I still got in no problem - early acceptance where they only looked at Grade 12 marks.

So don't worry about it too much - French will drag your average down, but if you either drop it or work to pull up the mark next year as the others suggest, you'll do fine.

P.S. Believe me I know it's hard, but try not to stress about the future that way - lots of people end up changing what they go to school for, and careers. So even if you don't get into the program you think you want now, it might be life's way of showing you something else that could be totally awesome for you!
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A photo of ChelseeDecker ChelseeDecker
all universities across canada will accept you with an overall average of 70%.
you have well above average marks and will have no problem being
accepted to the universities as long as you have the required highschool
courses needed for the subject of study you choose in uni.
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