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Applying over the holidays?!

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Hello! Who is applying to the universities over the holidays? I see that many of you have already applied and some of you got the early acceptances too. Congrats to the people who received some good news from universities and people who still didn't apply yet....when are you planning to apply (before Jan 11)?

I am thinking of sending my application right after Christmas and then on the OUAC website they said that their office is going to be closed from Dec 22,2011 to Jan 1, 2012 >OUAC Holiday Closures So yeah...when are you applying? And the only reason why I am waiting is because I have to sort my programs and need some time to do it. So I am going to use this break and apply before this year ends. I hope it's not too late yet. :cheese:
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It doesn't matter if the office is closed, do it whenever you're ready (so long as it's before the deadline). I remember when I applied it was on Dec 28th/29th (sometime in the last week of December).
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