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Applying to med school with bus. undergrad

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Do you guys think its a good idea to do an undergrad program in business even if a person wants to a apply to med school in future in order to have a backup option just in case if a person does not gets into med school? Would this hinder someone's chances f getting into med school in any way?
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A photo of inthemaking inthemaking
No it wouldn't hinder your chances in any way. If anything it makes you stand out as an applicant and you may have some interesting/different experiences to talk about in your interview. So long as you fulfill any prereqs and take the MCAT, the adcoms don't care what your undergrad is in.
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A photo of Euphenism1 Euphenism1
While officially any bachelor you take is fine for med school, I would recommend you look into how hard some of the marking is in the business degree you're looking into. Some business degrees give very hard marks, so while the actual choice of a business degree may actually help you, the lower marks that you may get will actually end up preventing you from getting into med school. This of course is different per program and there are obviously some easier degrees out there, but just to be sure, talk with a student in the program you're looking into to see if it's hard to get good marks or you'll be disadvantaged.
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