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Applying to two streams at once?

A photo of sdf789 sdf789
Hey everyone,

So i am a little confused because I can't seem to decide between chemistry or biology as a subject of interest, and since they are in two separate streams I would have to apply to both.

Seeing as I like biology(medical kind) and chemistry, does anyone know a good school for science that combines the both and what the program is called?

Also a little irrelevant, but i heard that some schools provide alternate acceptance, so what exactly happens and which schools offer that for science?

Thanks for help!
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A photo of ktel ktel
Why don't you just do a bio major/chem minor (or vica versa). Or a double major. It's extremely easy to take both bio and chem courses. In fact there's this thing called biochemistry...
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A photo of sdf789 sdf789
Thanks for the reply,

I like the idea of the double major, I did some research into biochemistry before and it looked pretty good.

I just wanted to know if there was some other major that I missed that combined the two together as well, because I am into things like pharmacology and genetics so I think the double major would be a better way to go.

In your opinion which schools do you think would be best to do that undergrad?

And would you recommend York or UofT if I had to choose between the both?
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