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Applying to U of T life sciences?

A photo of annie1127 annie1127
if i retake a course and apply for university of toronto, how is it counted? i'm redoing a course because i wasn't satisfied with the mark i got, so when i'm applying, will both of my marks be looked at and an average is calculated? and will i need to explain myself as to why i repeated the course?
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A photo of Zohaib93 Zohaib93
Honestly it depends what you got the first time in the course your now repeating, but if you redo the course and your average is in the 80s then they'll accept you. They will accept anybody in the 80s. All tey care about is your money, easy to get in, but once your in be ready to work your butt off. Its hard work! For UofT, they usually do not accept repeated courses or they so don't but thats not true, they will eventually accept you in May (which is the deadline for unis to accept you). I go to UofT and i repeated calc, im in life sci too. Feel free to pm if you got any questions!
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A photo of kraken kraken
They will look at both marks. I think they average them.
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