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ARCHITECTURE: How Different are the UofT and Waterloo programs?

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A representative of University of Toronto visited my high school today, and apparently you don't even need gr 12 Math or Physics courses - or anything else besides English - to apply for the Bachelor's Degree for Architecture! High school Math and Physics ARE required for the Master's Degree, however. The representative stated that the Bachelor's program is mostly focused on design, and the Master's program will then make use of prerequisite math and physics education.

So what she's basically telling me is that the first four years of Architecture training is just art class? THEN, technical material is applied?

Can anyone confirm if UofT's undergrad program is really like this? Waterloo's undergrad program asks for math, physics and even humanities courses from the get-go. The impression I'm getting is that Waterloo is a more balanced program from the start to finish, and that UofT majorly changes halfthrough through the path of becoming an architect.

**This was also posted in High School Hangouts > Where Will You Be?, but I found it relevant to both sections, and would really like some answers. Thanks, guys. :)
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