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Architecture Portfolio !!!!

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hey i've applied to the Ryerson architecture program, and there's the portfolio that you have to do... only i have no clue where to start

can anyone give me a clue ? something ? is it supposed to be computerized and have everything we draw scanned ? i don't get it at all....

and idk if this is too much to ask , but is there anyone that already started their's that could give me a sneak peak at what they did ?
i just want to get some sort of idea of what its supposed to look like and stuff

i've been googling forever and i'm clueless O_O

also, i'm not a great artist, i don't draw much and i don't kno what i'm supposed to be drawing :S and i don't do sculptures and that stuff :/

plz HELP !!! would be greatly appreciated =)
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Wow you better start as soon as possible.. the interviews are in a month!
You can start by compiling all your old artworks, no matter how crap they may seem, because you really odnt have the time to make new pieces.
My artworks in my portfolio are pretty recent, but I have 1 or 2 earlier than grade 11.
Sorry!, my artworks are done, but I haven't had a chance to take decent pictures and compile them into a booklet.

What its supposed to look like... well they gave you specific requirements on the site. such as the size of the book and the format and what they expect attached to the front and cover and such.

You won't find too many highschool to architecture undergraduate portfolios, because it's nothing special. It's the same as any portfolio going into fine arts or illustration. The point is to show your creative thinking and technical skill. To be an architect you have to have the talent for design and aesthetics.

Sorry if this message is a bit of a downer, but think of it as a wakeup call. HURRY UP AND START MAKING SOME ART! You bring about 10-15pieces for your portfolio ranging from pencil drawings to sculpture to paint to graphic design. Whatever you like. Hope I helped, maybe I'll see you at the interviews :)
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i havn't really taken any art classes, and i've kinda slowly moved away from everything art (music, art, drama ) in the last while cuz my parents have been wanting me to focus more on the scientific and mathematic stuff which i don't rlly like much at all, so i'm kinda screwed cuz i don't excel at anything if you know what i mean.

all i have is a couple of random sketches on pieces of papers of stuff that i just looked at and drew, ex:car, tiger, cartoons, etc (maybe 5 max lol ) and i just drew maybe a week ago a piano out of my head that looks decent i guess, maybe i'll post a pic of it

i don't kno how to do any graphic design or sculpting, maybe thinking of takin a grade 11 course of art , but dunno if there is a spot, or if it will even do anythin for me, my interview is march 19 :/

thnx man for responding :)
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Ah well you're kinda screwed there... i guess, just keep practicing in your sketchbook. There is also a portion of the interview where you draw in front of them, I believe. If you can ace that, plus the actual interview (talking part), you MAY have a chance. But keep in mind, the talking part is based off of your work. If you have no work, you can't talk much.
Try making a sketch or two a day, and maybe take a few nice pictures. Photography counts too.
It would be great if you could post one of your better sketches, so I could see what leve of technical skill you're at :)
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looking back at my sketchbook just now, i don't even have a full tiger, its half a tiger that's not finished -__-
and i don't really have much technicallity and all that, i just draw and shade here and there.

my biggest problem right now, is knowing WHAT to draw :S i don't know what to do at all

i can do the talking and stuff, not too worried about that, i need the drawing first though to know what i wanna say lol

i'll upload my unfinished kinda crappy piano pic in a bit, its the best i got haha

EDIT : http://tinypic.com/r/6xq82c/7 here's the pic , be honest, haha
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Hmm to be honest, theres potential, but it seems like that took a really long time. Just keep practicing. Just my personal opinion, but I don't think its very creative if you just drew whatever you saw. Try drawing something of your own design, maybe add some colour. or maybe draw a collection of items that have some meaning, and that you could talk about.
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how much time is something supposed to take me to do ? :/ and how long do you think that it took me to draw that piano ?
Also, that's not something i saw, it wasn't something in front of me or anything, i drew that out of my own image in my head if u know what i mean.... is that what ur talking about ?

and i have no idea how to add color , i'm afraid to so i don't ruin a gd pencil sketch =/, do you know of any websites or something that teaches you stuff like that ? i've been searching to no avail

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Theres no set time for how long it takes you to do an art piece. I'm just saying, you should probably hurry up, because theres only 1 month left..
uhmm, maybe 1 hour? just a guess, since you said you weren't really an artist :P
yes, i know, but it doesnt really show "creativity" (in my opinion). maybe if you combined it another instrument or something, or maybe adding your own design to the piano.
I guess you can watch youtube videos.. but you cant really learn how to draw with practice.
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