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Architecture question

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I will be entering twelfth grade this year and I have been seriously considering architecture programs but math and sciences are in the low 70s. Should I still pursue it?
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You realize that architecture requires you to be apt in math in the program, right?
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I will also be entering twelfth grade in September. And i want to take Calculus. Even though i think it's going to be a challenge, i will still take the course. And I think you should take your science and math courses too. You should pursue your dream of being an Architect even though it might be a hard time, you would be impressed of your hard work. I was like that too until i realized i shouldn't doubt myself. Good Luck
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If you're worried about marks but still want to work in the sector, you should consider applying to architectural technician college programs as a back up. Architecture at a university level requires around an 80% for maths and sciences, so having backups wouldn't hurt. You can still apply for architecture later on, plus you'll have a lot of relevant academic experience from college.
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