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Architecture Undergrad 2017 University Decisions Making

Hello everyone
I am an Ontario Grade 12 student, I am planning on studying Architecture in undergrad as well as a degree in Masters. But for now I am facing a hard time deciding which school I should attend for my undergrad.
I have been accepted by Carleton for Architecture-Design, Ryerson for Architecture Science and Waterloo for its Urban Planning; I failed the Precis for Waterloo Architecture therefore have been offered Urban Planning as an alternative. However I only want to pursue Architecture. Can someone please offer an insight to the experience acquired in each schools. I also would like to know which school is more reputable integrity wise between Ryerson and Carleton, and their reputation on the respected programs. 

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Ryerson's architecture program is faaaar better than carletons- I've heard that carletons program has been falling down while ryerson is improving more and more to the point where some people think it will surpass waterloo's program in a few years. I would say go to ryerson. They have better resources and opportunities bc of the great downtown toronto location, while I've also heard Carleton's campus isn't that nice. You should talk to people that are already in the programs. As for waterloo's planning, i don't think you should go there if you are pursuing architecture and have gotten into ryerson
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I'm currently in ryerson architecture , I'm heading to second year. Please let me know if you have any questions
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Hi Saif, can you please tell me about the art and cultural history aspect of Ryerson Architecture in first year? Do you guys ever do hand drawings or ever learn about past architectural styles like the Renaissance and the ancients?
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If you had to choose between ryerson arch and Waterloo arch which would you choose? Because I need to make that decision :/
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I actually got into both as well, but have chosen ryerson for many personal reasons. One of them being the location- I absolutely hated the Cambridge location, it was too suffocating and there was no way I was going to be able to live there for years. On the other hand, I love downtown Toronto. It's the perfect place for me to go to school for the next four years and I am beyond excited. I know that people view Waterloo's program as #1 but you also have to think about grad school. To become a licensed architect you need to have your masters, and all that's really important for grad school are your grades. Waterloo will be very competitive. Even though ryerson's program was hard to get into and competitive as well, I personally think I will do much better at ryerson than Waterloo. 

I think this decision isn't something that someone else can make for you. You need to think about what you are looking for and what you want/need! Good luck!
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