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A photo of Urnehpets Urnehpets
Hello everyone.

Just wanted to know the people out there who plan on applying for architecture this year! Whether to Waterloo, McGill, Ryerson or Carelton come share your thoughts and plans. (That is if you feel comfortable in doing so because I'm really interested in knowing how many people are going into architecture) :cheers:
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A photo of leighann leighann
i really want to go to waterloo for architecture, but my mom would prefer if i go to uoft.... im not sure if the program is good there
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A photo of jelly jelly
Planning to apply to Waterloo, McGill, Carleton, and possibly Ryerson. Preference in that order. Not holding my hopes too high though, and I'm also applying to engineering. Not planning to stay in Toronto, so Waterloo is my first choice, good distance from home. McGill and Carleton are a bit far, but I'm still open to it.
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A photo of dwarf dwarf
i'm planning to apply to:
(in order)

Waterloo architecture: cuz i heard its good and they have co-op.
UofT architecture: its a new program so its not as competitive as waterloo.. but it doesn't have co-op
Ryerson architecture: my back up..
Carleton architecture: i think its a good program and have co-op as well.. and the acceptance mark is not as high.. but its very very far (i live in GTA) so its my last choice..
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