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So I just decided to go to architecture recently and I'm planning to apply to Waterloo, UofT, Carleton and Ryreson..

I really want to get into Waterloo but I'm pretty nervous cu my average is not that high.. i think it'll be around low to mid 80s.. they said the cut off was around mid 80s but i heard some people got 90s and didn't even get an interview..
does anyone know where do they base their decision?? (besides the mark)

also what are they looking for for a poertfoliO?? like what kinds of drawings?? cuz i haven't started mine yet.. (kind of late decision to go to architecture)

thanks :)
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They don't have a set average that they cut off, they interview the 500ish applicants with the highest marks so the cut-off changes from year to year based on the applicants.
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