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Are my grades good enough for these courses?

A photo of Anhyee Anhyee
COD Carleton University
Computer Science Honours:Software & Computing

OTO University of Ottawa
Commerce - Finance (4 years)

ORC University of Ottawa
Computer Science (Honours Specialization) (4 years)

OTC University of Ottawa
Accounting (4 years)

And my top 6 from gr 11 are

AWQ3MR 2011/02 1 92
TEJ3M1 2011/02 1 88
HRT3MR 2011/02 1 82
SCH3UR 2011/06 1 77
FIF3UR 2011/06 1 76
ENG3UR 2011/02 1 71

My grade 12 midterm mark was a 76.

It'd be great if you guys could let me know.
Are there any courses I can get into for sure with those marks?
I also dropped out of my sciences, so that might limit my choices
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