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Are My Marks Good Enough for UWO Health Science

A photo of Niceguy1017 Niceguy1017
Hey, im really worried about getting into UWO Health Science as its my number one choice and i was really looking forward to going.
My top six are:
Adv. Functions-94
International Business: 87
Business Management: 85
My top six average is equal too 84.7 so i guess technically 85
Is this good enough for UWO Health Science
Thank you for reading and taking the time to answer my question.
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A photo of HHuskies9 HHuskies9
should be fine, quickly though fill out the extracurricular supplementary! its due tonight!
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This post was deleted

This post was deleted

A photo of infinityontherun infinityontherun
Hey, I think you should be okay! :) The cut off last year was an 83% and I don't think it's going to increase by a whole lot. I got accepted around the end of February and these are my top six:
English: 92
Biology: 88
Calculus: 94
Individual Families & Studies: 97
World Issues: 92
Adv. Functions/Data Mgmt (not sure which one they ended up counting, same thing): 90
Average: 92.2

I've heard that most of UWO's offers don't go out till May anyway so don't lose hope for sure!!! Hope to see you next year :)
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