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Arts & Sciences?

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Hi there, I'm really sorry if this is in the wrong place.

I'm really thinking of going to Guelph for Arts & Sciences, but I still have a few questions for anyone who's either taken it, is taking it, or knows anything about it. Even if you're taking Arts & Sciences at McGill or Mac, I would really appreciate any feedback you can give. :) Honest feedback, please! (I haven't still gotten accepted to this program yet, so I'm a bit nervous...)

1. What minors did you choose? What career(s) are you interested in?
2. What is the atmosphere of the program like? (Generally, what are the people like?)
3. How do you like it? What is your LEAST favourite thing about the program?
4. Generally, what is the reputation of this program like?
5. What else do you want to tell me?

You don't have to answer all of them. But I would appreciate your answers :P
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