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Arts (English): Carleton vs uOttawa

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I'm an applicant who've applied to uOttawa & Carleton for English Literature. I've been accepted to Carleton and I'm fairly confident I'll get into uOttawa as well.
The problem is, I can't really see a distinction between the two universities since they're both in Ottawa and both offer co-op; it's the reason why I'm only basing my decision on residence right now.

If you/someone you know go to uOttawa or Carleton, please let me know:
1) What do you like/dislike about your program at the university? Why?
2) Which university is more recognised for the Arts?
***Is the recognition justified?
3) How is your university different from the other one (the atmosphere, program, campus)?
4) Given your experiences, would you switch to the other university?

If you're an applicant who've applied to uOttawa & Carleton:
1) Based on academic reasons, which one would you choose?
2) In your mind, how do the two universities differ from one another(the atmosphere, program, campus)?

I know this seems like a lot but I would really appreciate it if you take the time to answer my questions...this whole next stage is so daunting:\
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I go to Carleton.

1) My program is called the Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management. It's the only one of its kind in the country. That, and the co-op option, exchange option, and proximity to the federal government buildings made me choose it.

2) I honestly don't know because I'm not in the arts. I've had people tell me that Carleton is better for the arts, but maybe that's just because I go here. If I were you I'd compare the actual courses to each other, like what specific ones you must take, your elective options, etc.

3) I've never actually been to OttawaU so I can't tell you about that. Besides location, since OttawaU is in the heart of downtown whereas Carleton is a bit more south. What I like about Carleton's campus is that everything is close by, since the campus isn't so huge like other universities. And if it's really cold or really rainy I can just take the tunnels to wherever I want. You can literally go to your classes in pyjamas in the winter xp

4) Nope. Of course my experience here hasn't been 100% perfect, but considering the people I've met and the uniqueness of my program, I don't think I'd switch unless I really wanted to completely change career paths.
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