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Arts or Business? (HELP!!!)

A photo of alee101 alee101
Hi, everyone..
I got accepted to Queen's Arts, but rejected in Commerce
However, I got an offer from Mac Business..
This is just a dilemma..
Queen's is one of the best schools in Canada,
but I probably can't major in Commerce there since it's sooo hard to transfer.
Mac is second-tier school, but I can major in business there.
But the thing is, I'm not interested in becoming an accountant or in finance field.
I am interested in sports, entertainment administration..
Which one do you think is more beneficial?

1. Major in Arts (sociology or phychology) and have minor in management at Queen's
2. Major Business at Mac

Please help guys...
And...Which university has better internship program?
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A photo of g93 g93
I don't really want to answer this question, but I will say something about internships.

Internships don't really have much to do with the school normally. Mac has an opportunity to do a full year internship in 3rd year. So basically if you can get an internship, they will let you do it for a year then come back, from my understanding, which is a little different than you would get at Queen's.
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