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Artsy Scolarships?

A photo of Bubblez18 Bubblez18
Hello there :)
I'm new to this site, so I'm sorry if this is a silly questions o^_^o!

I'm really into makeup (such as special fx/extream makeup) and photography, and I was wondering if there were any scolarships or something that maybe centered around that (or artsy tartsy things)?

I tried looking through the "Search" bar, but nothing came up :(
Is there an area on this site that has scolarship catagories?

Thank you for your time :)
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A photo of pumpkinsoup pumpkinsoup
when you log in to the site (my dashboards)you can view potential scholarships. If you plan to go an art school you should go to their website to see if they have entry scholarships (possiblity of large sums of money), but you would have to go to that school.

hope that help (yeah I'm new too and it has been fun navigating through the website)
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A photo of Reed Reed
I don't know if they have specific scholarships that are centered around special effects makeup and photography, but they do seem to have quite a few artsy scholarships. If you have your preferences set on the artistic catagories in your profile information you should see them pop up (if you haven't already done haha). Other than that, good luck!
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