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AS at Guelph, or AH at Waterloo???

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Hi there!

Okay, so I applied to Arts & Sciences at Guelph, and I'm still waiting to hear from them. I really love that program because I am interested in both English and Health Sciences, and like that this interdisciplinary study would mean that I could take both my favourite subjects at the same time, without closing any doors. However, I also got early acceptance to Waterloo Honour Arts last month, and I do love English, and Waterloo. So both those programs are my favourites. (I also applied to Nursing and Health Sciences at Ottawa, and I got early acceptance to Carleton Honour Arts: Biology as well, but I don't think I will attend either of those schools.)

I have two questions.

1. Is there any hope of me getting the AS program at Guelph?

My top 6 average was 91% (potentially 93% by the end of the semester) for the English program, but for AS at Guelph, it's only an 82%, because I suck at math. Neither of these averages is very high at all, and since my friends are freaking me out and saying that I probably have nearly no chance of getting into Guelph with only an 82% (cut-off for my program is 75-78!), I'm worried...

In case there is any hope, and I get into both,

2. Honour Arts at Waterloo or Arts & Sciences at Guelph?

I love both these programs. Granted, I love Guelph just a hair more, but not enough to just pick it and be done with it. I want to consider these programs very carefully before I decide. I would really like to hear your opinions on these programs and these universities, since I'm trying to make a pro-con list, and I could really use some outside opinions. What have you heard about these programs in general? Which university has a better reputation? Is either one a bad choice, and why?

Any help you can give me is VERY appreciated. Sorry for the long post.
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Don't worry you have a chance of getting accepted into Guelph since you're above the cut off range, your friends are just psyching you out, so don't worry! (:
Waterloo has a higher reputation than Guelph, so that could be one thing to consider. The Arts faculty is also the biggest at UW. I live in Waterloo and I wouldn't say it's the most exciting city ever, but it's just convenient since it's part of the Tri-cities, so it's easy to go to Kitchener or Cambridge? lol
Sorry if I wasn't much help.
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A photo of pdfordyce pdfordyce
Thank you so much for replying! You were very helpful. :)
My average got increased to an 83-84% ish, but the cut-off of the program also got increased to 77-80%.
So I'm still worrying.
I was thinking about the reputation very carefully and while I think that it's important, I worry about picking a university just on reputation. My friend is at U of T and she says that even though it has one of the highest reputations in the country, she hates it because everyone's so nasty and competitive. It's not like that at Waterloo, is it? Or does it depend on the program?
I've been to both universities' campus days, and while Waterloo had the better campus day, Guelph had the better atmosphere. Even though I still love the program better at Guelph, both unversities are very very attractive to me and I could see myself going to either. :/ I'm thinking I should just develop a "you can't lose either way" mentality, but I'm still very OCD about the whole thing.
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