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Ask Me Anything: 4th Year WLU/Conestoga College Collab in Journalism&PR

Hi Everyone! My name is Kat, and I am one of your Digital Brand Ambassadors here at yconic! 

I am a fourth year Journalism major specializing in Public Relations, minoring in History at Wilfrid Laurier University’s Brantford campus. I have a post-graduate certificate in Integrated Marketing Communications from Conestoga College. I wanted to create this post as a space to answer as many questions as I possibly can that you may have! 

 Who is Kat: 
 - I am a fourth year Journalism major, specializing in Public Relations with a minor in History. I have a post-graduate certificate from Conestoga College in Integrating Marketing Communications (By April, I will have finished 5 years worth of school in 4.) 
- Photography Editor for the university’s school paper, The Sputnik, and Editor-in-Chief of the university’s yearbook, The Carnegie 
- I’ve been a part of many organizations at Laurier: O-Week Icebreaker, Foot Patrol volunteer, The Carnegie (yearbook) volunteer, The Sputnik (newspaper) volunteer 
- I’ve completed work placements in Marketing Communications 

 What Kind of Things Can I Answer for You: 
- Campus Life at the Laurier Brantford 
- Time management!! (I work full-time and study full-time, so I’ve gotten really good at this!) 
- Anything about J-School - I will do my absolute best to give you the best answers I can! 
- Organizations and clubs you can get involved in on campus 
- The transition between high school, the workforce and post secondary education 
- Gap years (I took two!) 
 - How to get involved in your on and off campus communities 
 - Course selection – after four years of course selection, I have it down to an art! 
- What it’s like to live off campus during your post-secondary education (and not with your parents) 
- The difference between college and university from the perspective of someone who has done both 
- OSAP - Literally ANYTHING about OSAP 
- Summer jobs - I've worked in some weird atmospheres like cleaning toilets for a summer, and some interesting and physically demanding atmospheres like in a Toyota Motor Manufacturing Weld Shop 

Of course these are just a few things I can help you with! If you have any questions that are not listed above, please ask anyway! I’ll do my absolute best to help you out! 

 The comments on this forum are open for your questions below! 
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I'd love to hear your tips for time management!
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I’m so sorry, I didn’t see the notification for your comment!

First and foremost, I use a planner. I can’t stress enough how helpful this is. I’d highly recommend getting a half-decent planner that you’ll actually use. I use a 365 Happy Planner, because I like large boxes to write to-do lists in (and I’m a sucker for bright colours and beautifully designed dividers.) Chapters Indigo has some basic planners, and a lot of gender-neutral planners, if you’re looking for some classic styles!

I make to-do lists everyday. Sometimes tasks get away from me in the chaos of a day, so I carry them over into the next day’s to-do list. When writing them out I also prioritize my list from most important to least important – that way I can tell what really needs to be focused on. Making to-do lists, or schedules, can really save you if you have a super active life filled with things to get done. I generally go to class from 11-2:30, commute an hour to where I live and start work immediately after until about 10 p.m. It’s super hectic, so the little time I have, I always try to make the most of it!

When it comes to assignments for school, I always make an excel spreadsheet with all my assignments in chronological order. I include the date it’s due, class, assignment and the weight of the assignment. This is amazing to do – it’s helped me so much. I always attach it to a clipboard and check mark them when I’ve completed them, then highlight things when they’re fully submitted/done. I wish that I could show you what my spreadsheet looks like, but I’d recommend just taking a look at Google, or Pinterest, and you’d get the jist!

 A little lie never hurt anyone – when it comes to my assignments, I always lie to myself. Remember how above I said I make an excel sheet? I always make my deadlines at least 5 days before it’s actually due – that way if I forget about something by accident, I have a buffer to edit my work and make it the best I possibly can. I also use this buffer to edit my work that I may have done significantly before but I just keep polishing it until I submit the assignment a day or two before the dropbox closes. 

 The key to time management is to know your limits. I could give a bunch of suggestions of what I do, but everyone has different limits. For example, I commute an hour to and from class, I work full-time, and go to school full-time, manage a department at my school publication, and I am the photo editor for the school paper – that seems like a lot to some. For some, balancing those seems super easy. For me, I manage to make it through (on minimal sleep!) and get everything done that I want to. My biggest suggestion would be don’t spread yourself too thin that you feel like you aren’t giving your 100% anymore – don’t be afraid to say no in a situation. If you can’t take on the extra 8 hours a week at work, or volunteer with an organization on campus, then don’t! No one knows you better than you. No one will look after you. You have to look out for yourself. Don’t overdo it! 

I hope that helped you a bit! 
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Lol no worries. Yes those are very helpful, thanks for taking the time to reply :)
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Or if you don't have any that's cool too
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I’m so sorry, I didn’t see the notification for your comment (if you're the same anonymous poster)! I've posted a response above. My apologies!
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What's Brantford's campus like? Like the overall feel, size, safety, and stuff 

Also, what's the education like? In terms of professors, competition, etc. 

Thank you!
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Hi Anonymous! 

The Brantford campus occupies the downtown, it generally feels like a little community within the city. Brantford is a city of over 90,000 people, but you'd never guess it based on how well you get to know everyone you see downtown. All the campus buildings are with a few blocks of each other, so it's super cozy. (It's hard to get lost!) It's almost like a big family (at least that's what I've come to notice!)

 Safety wise, it can be a bit nerve wracking living on your own in a new place - especially if you've heard about Brantford being a bad city like I heard growing up - of course it's completely changed! The university has changed the entire vibe of Brantford. There's rarely a time when there isn't clusters of students walking around downtown, and if you are nervous about walking when it gets dark, we offer a service, Foot Patrol, that you can call and they'll walk you from point A to point B. Special Constables also always patrol the streets on foot and by car to ensure the safety of the students. It's great! We've never had any problems.

The education is pretty great too. We offer lectures and "labs" which are a bit more hands on. profs are super helpful too, and they host office hours. Our academic writing centre offers services to aid in writing essays, study skills, and holds facilitated study groups for some classes as well. Competition depends on the program you're looking at - some of our programs have higher averages, most are around 75%. I know our collaborative Law program with Sussex is in the mid-80s last I checked. 

I'd definitely recommend scheduling a tour. A tour is going to be your best bet to see if it's the right feel for you :)

Hope this helps! 
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Thank you for the reply! If you don't mind me asking, what other programs did u apply to and why did you choose Laurier Brantford over them? 

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Hey Kathleen,  
First of all, I'd like to thank you for the quick and informative response on my previous thread. :) I will try to get into contact with my local newspaper. I just had a quick question so I'm thinking of a lifestyle blog more so a gluten-free diet kinda blog. Would that work as well like I would share recipes and my experience being on a gluten free diet? Also, what kind of stories do local newspaper vendors search for...? Thank you!
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Hi Shiv! 

Making a lifestyle blog would definitely give you good experience in feature style writing. What would be super interesting is doing something like a Julie and Julia type blog. It shows your commitment to a longterm goal. I'm currently working on a collabortive group project on Education in Ontario as my final year's "capstone" for J-School. I can totally share the link with you when it's completely finished around March/early April. It could give you an idea of what long-form journalism could look like. Doing something like that would definitely give you an edge in your portfolio! 

In terms of local newspapers, they're open to practically anything. Are you from a large community or a small community? What I would recommend is seek a story in your local community, and email a media pitch to the section editor. For example, if there is someone who started a local business as a source of solace in a hard time, you could pitch it to the lifestyle editor at your paper. Essentially, find a story in your community, and "ask yourself why does this story need to be heard?" and "Why should this paper care?" 

I hope that helps a bit for you! 

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Hey there Kathleen,
Thanks for the response! Indeed I'm thinking of doing a lifestyle blog I'm glad it made a bit of sense to you (really was confusing for myself to even plan out what I was going to do). I would really appreciate if you shared the article with me as a reference once it is done and published! I will contact with my local newspaper soon, I live Peel region so I guess that would be considered as a larger community.
Thank you for all the advice! I'll report back soon :)
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Best of luck, Shiv! :) I hope it all works out for you!
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