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Ask me anything: WLU-Conestoga Collab Fourth Year Journalism&PR Student

Hi Everyone! 

My name is Kat, and I am one of your Digital Brand Ambassadors here at yconic! I am a fourth year Journalism major specializing in Public Relations, minoring in History at Wilfrid Laurier University’s Brantford campus. I have a post-graduate certificate in Integrated Marketing Communications from Conestoga College. I wanted to create this post as a space to answer as many questions as I possibly can that you may have!

Who is Kat: 
 - I am a fourth year Journalism major, specializing in Public Relations with a minor in History. I have a post-graduate certificate from Conestoga College in Integrating Marketing Communications (By April, I will have finished 5 years worth of school in 4.)
- Photography Editor for the university’s school paper, The Sputnik, and Editor-in-Chief of the university’s yearbook, The Carnegie
- I’ve been a part of many organizations at Laurier: O-Week Icebreaker, Foot Patrol volunteer, The Carnegie (yearbook) volunteer, The Sputnik (newspaper) volunteer - I’ve completed work placements in Marketing Communications

What Kind of Things Can I Answer for You:
- Campus Life at the Laurier Brantford - Time management!! (I work full-time and study full-time, so I’ve gotten really good at this!)
- Anything about J-School - I will do my absolute best to give you the best answers I can!
- Organizations and clubs you can get involved in on campus
- The transition between high school, the workforce and post secondary education
- Gap years (I took two!) 
- How to get involved in your on and off campus communities 
- Course selection – after four years of course selection, I have it down to an art!
- What it’s like to live off campus during your post-secondary education (and not with your parents)
- The difference between college and university from the perspective of someone who has done both
- OSAP - Literally ANYTHING about OSAP
- Summer jobs - I've worked in some weird atmospheres like cleaning toilets for a summer, and some interesting and physically demanding atmospheres like in a Toyota Motor Manufacturing Weld Shop

Of course these are just a few things I can help you with! If you have any questions that are not listed above, please ask anyway! I’ll do my absolute best to help you out!

The comments on this forum are open for your questions below! Publish
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hey! how do you apply for osap?
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Hi Anon! 

To apply for OSAP, you're looking to go to http://osap.gov.on.ca. On this site you'll be able to apply for OSAP based on your school! :) If it's for this year, you can apply up until 90 days before the end of your study period. If it's for next year, you're going to want to wait for the 2017-2018 applications to come out around mid- to late- May :)

Hope this helps!
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Do you know Ariel Helwani?
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Do you have any tips for selecting your courses? My temptation would be to try to get all morning classes so that I can get a job in the afternoon/evening. Also I have heard it is not a good idea to have courses on Friday.
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Hi Cassandra! 

I totally understand your temptation with selecting morning classes! I have the same temptation! What I'd recommend is checking if you have a "worksheet" that gives you a list of courses you are required to take, to ensure you're meeting your requirements to graduate first. Then, I would select courses of interest. Although it's tempting to take courses just because they're on days that will grant you a nice little break in the week, sometimes it can bite you in the rear. I tested this theory by taking courses to grant me Monday, Wednesday and Friday off and I regretted it immediately just because I was taking courses I had no interest in, which in the long run made my overall education suffer, because I finished them wondering if I'd truly learnt anything! Definitely keep your interests and requirements in mind when selecting your courses! 

Most jobs are very lenient with students, and will work around your schedule. I have regular classes and manage to work full-time. My schedule isn't the best either: Mondays 11-2:30, Tuesdays 12-1:50, Thursdays 12-1:50, 7pm-10pm, Fridays 11-2:30. I commute an hour to school each way, and attend my classes, and still make time for work! 

I'm curious why you've been told that Fridays are a bad day for classes! I find that Fridays, if you can stay focused (because the weekends coming!) are the best day for classes. My campus is quiet so there are amazing study spots for between classes, and my class sizes have always been a bit smaller on Fridays because everyone wants an extra long weekend! I don't attend the largest university, by any means, but it's something that I've noticed!

I hope that's helped! :)

yconic Brand Ambassador
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