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At Carleton, do we choose our winter courses now?

A photo of KeileTheFriendlyMuuMuu KeileTheFriendlyMuuMuu
I've chosen some courses already, but all my choices - except my seminar - all last one semester.

Does this mean I get to choose my Winter courses at a later date? Or will I just not be taking any classes in the winter term?
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A photo of greenaero greenaero
Hi Keile,

When you register at Carleton, you have to register for both of the semesters at the same time. You can register for winter classes in the middle of the Fall semester but that is highly unconventional and frowned upon. If you don't register for your winter classes now they can become full and then you are well, for lack of a better term screwed. Even if your classes are full year (aka both fall and winter semester) you have to still sign up for the same section in the winter to guarantee your spot in the class. If you don't sign up for classes you won't be taking anything in the winter and that could be even worse than having full classes. Hope that helps!
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