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Average for Queen's first year BA students

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Hey, I have just received my first semester report card and while looking over it i was horrified to see an awful english mark. I pulled an 82 in Canadian History and a 76 in English, i am taking four U courses this semester because I chose to take Auto for a life skill first semester (It's a C credit) but thats besides the point. My 82 in history is an average mark for me but pulling a 76 in english is just stressing me out. On Queen's website they say that the cut off average for the Arts program is 80%. I am guessing that the admitted average is slightly higher. Am I screwed as far as getting into Queens goes now? I wanted to go their for a History/Geography BA but my english mark is well bellow the cut off. Is their a chance I can still save my application by performing well this semester?
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I think if you pull off at least an 82-85 average by April and have a good PSE you could get in
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