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Average not high enough??

A photo of fruitloop123 fruitloop123
Hey guys,
I'm starting to freak out a little and think I may have made a wrong choice in applying for schools cause I'm starting to doubt if my average is high enough...
I have a 74% average and I applied for the arts program at Guelph and York
Do you think my average is high enough? What was the cut off for last year?
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A photo of chrysocolla chrysocolla
What types of arts programs are you applying for (e.g. theatre, fine arts, etc.)? The admission average will differ from program to program.

For information about admission averages, check out eINFO.

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A photo of fruitloop123 fruitloop123
Oh I should have said that in my first post, I'm applying for Psychology!
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
You're below the cut off, I don't know if they'll accept you.

It's from 75% - 80% for Guelph

There are applicants who have higher averages than that, York I have no clue and don't really care about lol.

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A photo of vslow vslow
Fill out the SPF form for Guelph, since you fall below the cut off average. By filling it out, I heard it adds some % to your averages since they know your reasoning to why your average is low and also why you want to attend Guelph (:
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