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Average requriement for york undecided

A photo of gamersweb007 gamersweb007
I am a grade 12 high school students , i was worried because of the fact that my midterm average is in 60s but my English mark is above 70 . I can try to bring my average up in 70s . Can i still get in york undecided with my grade as on the einfo it does not show the average requirement . Do the universities consider the final averages too??
I also applied to Ryerson Business
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A photo of gassergasser gassergasser
obvious troll is obvious....
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A photo of Absolut Absolut
You'll probably get in, don't worry
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A photo of jessicadonnan jessicadonnan

@gassergasser wrote
obvious troll is obvious....

the world troll is getting old
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A photo of pepper pepper
You won't get in, I don't know any program where they will accept you with an average in the 60's. School's won't look at your final marks for accepting you, they will only look at those marks if you have been accepted and you slack off and they will take your acceptance away from you.
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