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Avice for future med student (hopefully)

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Hello everyone!

First post here and I have a couple of questions for you all. I am going to finish all grade 11 courses next semester (english, social, chem and math). I am writing my biology 30 diploma exam tommorrow and hope that my average stays in the 85's. I have also completed all the french programs plus french 31 AP (which I got 5/5) and an europeen course called D.E.L.F B2 (which stands for diplome d'étude en langue française) with the highest level possible for high school students. Well that was a bit of my background. I am really hoping of going to any university with good biomedical undergraduate programs and was wondering which one should I think about? If my average floats in the high 80's, is that enough for biomedical studies after high school? My problem was that I became very ill and had to leave school for a full year while taking and odd class here and there throughout the year (like bio 20 which I got 93 and bio 30 which will likely be 80-85). I understand that i wont be able to attend university until 2013 (when do university start?) but I was hoping to get some advice/ guidance from you guys. I also took a sports/med 15 program where we learned about all the muscles and worked with handicapped persons throughout the semester on their physical strength (I got 93).

Any advice? It not taking physics acceptable or really needed? What do they calculate for admissions? And also, when should I apply for early acceptance?

Thank you!
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