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Avoiding OSAP....working instead...

A photo of coffeegirl18 coffeegirl18
Anyone else either unable to get OSAP or don't want to use it.

I have a previous debt that I'd like to be able to pay off. I am working and have quite a bit saved for the first year of school (first yrs tuition plus one semester of books).

I still have to add in living expenses minus rent (am living rent free with family).

I'm planning on going to college for Marketing.

Anyone else in the same situation? Success stories are great as well.
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A photo of JClarke19 JClarke19
I wasn't able to get anything from OSAP either
so I went and contacted my bank. They had a program
there set up so that i could take out a loan under my
own name (with ur parents as ur co-borrowers).

With that loan money I'm paying for my tuition
plus books but with the money I've gotten through
work, birthdays and holidays I pay for rent and expenses

Hope I could help
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A photo of cblake01 cblake01
Yeah I am in the same boat, I figure if you have to work for something your more likely to gain from it then if its handed to you or why would you want debt when your out of school and should be getting on your feet??
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A photo of Elfer Elfer
For my four-year university degree, I was able to get a whopping four hundred bucks (total) from OSAP because they expected my parents to pay my way through school.

So basically, I ended up working research jobs in the summer to stave off a bank loan, and my saving grace was landing a 15-month professional internship after my third year. It gave me enough money to pay my tuition and move out of my parents' house for my final year.

With the job market the way it is, it's really a relief to not have mounds of debt in the event that I don't start a job until a while after graduating.
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A photo of elissa elissa
I've also been working, I paid my 3/4 semesters by myself. However for my last one I recieved a grant which helped a little bit. However, OSAP was only going to give me like 130 bucks, which really wasnt worth it.
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A photo of Qq Qq
Just wondering but why aren't you able to receive OSAP?
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
i am still working through my finances, but i have found working excessively during the summer pays for most of my tuition. i continue to work part time during the year to pay for my living expenses. i still go into debt but at least i am not going into debt for living expenses. biggest money spender: food! i usually make a big batch of something and freeze it into individuals. that way i'm not tempted to spend extra money on food while i'm out.
good luck
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A photo of RyanLePage RyanLePage
I am about to go into Uni this year, and i've been working hardcore saving 80%. I also would like to work 7 days a week in the summer, all towards school....

Come on studentawards, give me a nice big scholarship to save me the stress :/
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A photo of IreneFiasco IreneFiasco
I was told to get a loan and by second year, get a job, especially one on campus that can work with your schedule to start paying it off, and start getting money to minimize the amount you are in at the end of your undergraduate program
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A photo of BFal BFal
I didn't apply for OSAP.
I've been working and saving money since I was 14, it was all about controlling my spending. Obviously there were times when I treated myself, but i made sure not to go above and beyond. I had enough money to pay everything myself in my first year in university [Residence, Tutition, Textbooks, and Extras like Building wear and everything.] The past two summers I worked Full time, and part time, saved all the money from my full time and used the part time money as spending money for outings. I'm doing everything I can to avoid OSAP so that I don't have to worry about paying the loan back plus interest just in case it takes too long. I'm in second year university and so far so good. Its all about balance when it comes to work and play; saving and spending.
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A photo of Kelsee123 Kelsee123
I was only offered a small amount for OSAP, basically only a tiny dent in the cost of post-secondary education. Luckily for me, I have known for a long time that I was going to need a lot of money for education and thus have been officially working since 16. I have been diligent in saving money throughout my high school education and have put a great deal of it into an RESP. I also continue to work about 20hrs a week throughout the school year, and closer to full-time in the summer. By doing so, I have paid for my first year of education easily, been able to pay for my second year (of which I am currently in) and will have enough for third year. That means, hopefully with continuing to work through the summers and next two years, I will come out of school virtually debt free. Perhaps, even with money in the bank! If you set your mind to it, make a budget, and use your time valuably, you can make it through school with little debt. I too found that food is my biggest fall back. I tend to eat out more for its convenience. Plus, I live in a townhouse with my boyfriend and boy does he eat a lot! However, thanks to sticking to living within my means, I am going to be better off than those on OSAP who spend it foolishly on shopping trips or alcohol, or whatever. It drives me nuts to hear people on OSAP complain about having no money. My roommate especially is the worst for this. She spends her OSAP money like crazy, then complains she has none, than when I point out places hiring she turns her nose up at them. All I ask is that you don't complain if your going to take no action to help your situation. Anyways, enough ranting... my point is it is possible to work and save and pay your way through school.
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A photo of JamieMctavish JamieMctavish
What I plan on doing is just working straight for a year full time for the summer, buy the things I need while still saving up for college, then when im ready to go into college, apply for osap while finding a job near my college so i can have all this extra money and all the money i make while im working can go to save up for paying osap off when i get done my course.
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A photo of annikadenhollander777 annikadenhollander777
I am currently living in Holland (since November, planning on staying until July. I took a year off after high school. I was born and raised in Ontario, but I have a dual citizenship.) I was planning on living here with my boyfriend of 4 years, but I have been unable to get a job here. So I now have to go back to Canada 3 months early to my old job, so I can save up for University. Plus I have to pay $300 for changing my flight. It really sucks, but working instead of getting into debt is definitely worth it. Even if I was eligible for OSAP (my parents make too much money), I would rather work. My goal is to never be in debt again, because it is so difficult to get out of.
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A photo of CJMillette CJMillette
I haven't been able to receive OSAP either because of my parents jobs. I've been saving for university since I was 15, but I only had enough to cover my first years tuition, not including books, so now I'm looking for scholarships and saving my money from my part time job this summer. I definitely want to do university OSAP free!!
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A photo of jessganci jessganci
I didnt want osap
I worke for years before i started college at 17
I alos worked during school, on weekends only
I have sucessfully payed all four years of schooling out of my own pocket

But now im going back to school after i graduate this year and well i dont have enough anymore so im thinking osap, but deffinatly trying for scholorships now and bursuries when the time comes. Hopefully i wont need too much osap
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A photo of brittcameron brittcameron
when i applied for school, i really didnt want to take OSAP b/c i didnt want to have to worry about it later.
now that ive been in school for nearly a year, i'm noticing that it was he smarter move for me, since my hours got cut drastically b/c my availability changed so much.
i was able to get $13,900 from OSAP, only $1,100 less than my total tuition.
i'm really happy i applied for OSAP, it made things easier and less stressful during my school year
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A photo of nleclairmclean nleclairmclean
I was in a college program and recieved OSAP, and then quit the program after the point where I would have no penalties, so I was put on academic probation. But I didn't have to pay back any of the money because I didn't use it, they just took it back.
I went back to college this past September, and received OSAP again, I finished one semester, then decided again that it wasn't the program for me (I'm incredibly indecisive) so now I have a semester of OSAP to pay back, before I start University this September.
It's kind of stressing me out, and I just don't want to have to deal with OSAP again, hopefully I can find another way to pay for school!

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A photo of mwhitney mwhitney
Well, my parents are more broke than I am... so I don't think I'll have any trouble getting OSAP. At least, I hope I won't, because I'm pretty sure I won't have enough without it. But I intend to continue working part-time through school. I understand there is a limit on how much OSAP will allow you to make during the semesters, but I will do whatever I can. I work hard and am also concerned about getting good grades and I know that will take up my time, too, so I need to find a balance between work and school.

So to those of you that are working part-time/school full-time, what would you say is a good number of hours an average college student can work per week during the school year while keeping grades high?
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A photo of metrickan metrickan
im def gonna need osap, i quit my job after i herd wind i was getting fired, for no reason so i have like 1000$ if that, so it sucks cuz im going into the medical feild so woo for having enormus amounts of debt:)
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A photo of ashley.j ashley.j
sometimes it just seems so hard to save but we just have to stick with it and suck it up at the end even if we do have an osap debt at the end the fourth year. planning to work 2 jobs in the summer, hoping to make at least 4k
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A photo of academicchica academicchica
I actually don't want to use OSAP ever! I mean it is great and everything, but I hear too many stories of people being stuck in debt after finishing their post-secondary education. I am praying that all the scholarships I have applied for, my already earned money, and parental support will be more than enough.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Working and saving for school is very hard. I live on my own, pay my own bills and rent. Eventhough I have a good job I'm not able to save enough money every summer to pay my tuition. I had to leave school twice now to save money. This year, instead of taking the time off to save again, I'm going to a bank to get a line of credit. That will help me stay the way I live and still go to school. A career will help me have a better job, thus faster repayment towards my loan.
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A photo of ashton92 ashton92
It is so hard to get OSAP, I don;t think they make it fair
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A photo of ashton92 ashton92
I am trying to pay for my own education, without having to depend on my parents, but it nearly impossible my tution per semester is over 6000
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A photo of karboleya karboleya
I'm pretty much working my bum off right now to try to eliminate the previous debt I accumulated, pay my living expenses and save up to attend school in the fall. It's SO hard. Just gotta keep swimming, right?
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