yconic - Bachelor of Commerce at Concordia, what do they mean by grade 12 math?
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Bachelor of Commerce at Concordia, what do they mean by grade 12 math?

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I am an out of province student (New Brunswick) looking to apply at the Bachelor of Commerce program at Concordia. For the admission requirements it says:

Applicants should have completed Grade 12 and met the requirements for graduation in their home province or territory. A minimum average of 73% overall and in Grade 12 mathematics (12 U for Ontario) is required for the BComm. The requirements for the BAdmin are an overall average of 70%, with 70% in mathematics.

Applicants from Ontario must have completed six appropriate Grade 12 U or M courses. All applicants are required to have completed Grade 12 English (12 U for Ontario). Grade 12 French will be accepted for students who have graduated from a French school.

Applicants from British Columbia must have completed Grade 12 with a 75% overall average, as well as 75% in mathematics for admissions to the BComm. For the BAdmin, 73% overall and in mathematics is required.

My requirements for graduation at home are met, I have grade 12 english, but I'm just confused about what they mean by grade 12 math, all I took was Trigonometry & 3 Space. Should I be ok with this?
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