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Bachelor of Health science UWO

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Will bachelor of health science in UWO help me to get in to med school. Med schhol needs bio, chem and physics, calculus as their prerequisites. In bachelor of health science can we do calculus, chem, bio and physics? If we aren't doing these subjects in health science, won't it become a problem in when applying for medical school?
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BHSc is most definitely an acceptable degree for med school.

If you look at most med school requirements, they don't actually require calc or physics, however you may want to take physics for the MCATs.
In Health Sci you don't take physics, but you can take it anyways if you want. If you do come to Western, I'd recommend taking 1301 physics over 1028. Despite what the academic counsellors tell you, it's actually the easier of the two. Plus, it'll better prepare you for MCATs.
Don't take calc unless if you're good at it. And by good, I mean exceptionally great. A lot of people failed calc last semester, and then dropped out of it this semester, and they had only been taking it because they thought it was needed for med school, but let me say again, it isn't!

Another bonus to Western health sci is that the bio class is easier, so you'll likely end up with a higher average.
I'm not in the program myself, but many of my friends are, so I can probably answer a few questions about it, if you have any more.
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