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Bachelor of Social Work -- Four year programs?

A photo of LoMa00273 LoMa00273
Are there any BSW programs out there that allow me to complete the program in 4 years? There are some universities that require a BA before it is possible to apply for a BSW. I think its dumb. :) hah.

...Anyways, if you know of any universities that don't require this, please let me know. :)

Also, if anyone is in a BSW program, what is it like?
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A photo of awaysheflew awaysheflew
Carleton, Ryerson, and York all offer BSW programs that you can apply for directly from high school.
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A photo of stevef7 stevef7
Hey, Ryerson York and Laurentian all have 4-Year Undergraduate Degrees in Social Work, but at Laurentian yopu have to Re-Apply after 1st year. I think Western and McMaster have 4 Year Degress as well, but I'm not Sure.
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