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Hi, I recently just got an alternate offer to McMaster's BTech program instead of Engineering I.
My questions are:

What are the differences between BTech and Engineering I?
Since it's a co-op program, what year does co-op start?
Is the program good or so-so?

Thanks :)
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A photo of inyoface inyoface
I can't tell you anything about BTech but I can tell you what an engineering degree means.
In Canada in order to work as an engineer you must have an engineering degree, namely a Bachelors of Applied Science (abbrevaited BASc) degree.
After you complete you engineering degree you must then go through a examination process which tests, among other things, your basic knowledge and commitment to ethics. Then after the examination and some years of working under a licensed engineering, you receive the title of Professional Engineer (abbreviated PEng).
This title is a professional title, and the self-managing PEng Canada is responsible for making sure that no person without a PEng title falsely claims to be an engineer.
Many engineering jobs on the market requires that you are a licensed engineer.
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