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Bachelors of Science (BSc) vs Bachelors of Health Science (BHSc)

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[size=7]Bachelors of Science vs Bachelors of Health Science.

1. Would there be an advantage, for like getting into medical school?

2. Also I noticed that the admission range for Bachelors of Health Science is from 70%+(York) to 90%+(McMasters, why is that? Is it because McMaster's has a medical school in there?

-Western also has a medical school nearby, though admission rate is 80%+ why??

I want to become a paediatrician or be a general physician.

-Can the amount of money one has (meaning rich)affect there chance of getting into the program of there choice, saying there marks don't fully reach the expectations?[/size]
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No degree gives you any sort of advantage, everyone has to take the prerequisites that are required for whatever University they apply to for Medical School. You may give yourself a feeling of advantage by being in a more Health focused program as opposed to a more research lab based one because you'd learn more about Health. But No program is better than the other when it comes to applying for medical school. All the admissions committee will care about is your GPA, MCAT(If required), and after that it all comes down to your extra curricular activities, experience, and interview. The worlds best medical schools state clearly that there is no preference given to students in any particular program. That's why I laugh when Engineering students think that the admissions review board will treat them higher compared to students in other majors. One last thing, I don't think I can stress this enough. Go into a program that you have the fullest interest in, not what everyone else is doing or what people tell you to do.

It is true that the majority of Medical School applicants come from Science backgrounds, but there is a variety of students ranging from Arts, Music, to Business.

Admission averages for undergraduate programs are mainly based on the amount of competition there is for a spot in the program. Certain schools have limited enrollment for specific programs, therefore they'll only take top students.
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1. No advantage.

2. The absence/presence of a med school has no effect. Mac health sci is just a different program that focuses on PBL (problem based learning) and group projects, so they keep class sizes to ~160 in order to facilitate group projects. They don't want to have large groups of 20 students each as that would be ineffective so in order to have small groups of around ~5, they need a smaller class size. And so they established a 90% cutoff as a way to eliminate applicants from the pool.

Your bank account will have no effect whatsoever in your ability to get into a program.
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