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Bad Biology Mark!!!

A photo of WizardViz WizardViz
Oh god! Biology is my favourite of all sciences and I love the concepts in Grade 12 Biology cirriculum (except the plant stuff :/) Well, right now I am standing at 83% in this course. I do homework regularly, understand teh concepts well, my assigbnments are perfect and it's those darn HARD tests that are messing my mark. My teacher wantedly makes all the tests hard and I've no complaints about that. But I am feeling so nervous because biology is one of my pre-requities to my science programs. I talked to my teacher and she said I can bump my mark up with the final exam...however,I am so stressed! My marks in all the other classes are great at this moment. Is anyone else getting the same bio mark as me? What's your current mark?
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Only your overall top 6 average matters. 83 is a perfectly fine grade. What is the required cutoff to the program you want to get into?
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A photo of cmkc109 cmkc109
I got a bad biology mark too so I'm retaking it next semester :)
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